18 February 2013

I just uploaded a bunch of random photos from the last few months.I know...I haven't uploaded my blog in ages.i ve been on the road 4 months doing many guestspot and many tattoos.I got back in vancouver at the end of december, and after a week i lost my phone with all the photos from the 4 months trip.i hate myself for that.i lost pretty much everything and the only photos i uploaded i took them from the instagram website so the photos are pretty crabby. Most of the tattoos have been done during my guest spots at 'Italian rooster" in Milan, "Think In Ink' in Zurich, "Aloha Tattoos" Barcelona, "Cartel Calavera" Mexico City, "ScreamInk" Playa del Carmen, "SuperFly tattoo" Leon, "Tatuajes de reyes" Guadalajara.I ll be leaving for my next trip next month.I ll be tattooing in Europe between March 17th and May 7th.I promise I ll keep you posted. Thanks