29 August 2010

Walk In!!

Illuminati lighthouse!!!

I did this one on my really good friend Dawson, here in Vancouver.

Shark rose!!

Gipsy love!!!

Gipsy-cobra-drunk-seilor-sailing in a bottle-sacred-illuminati-heart

Owl Mary

I did this tattoo in my last visit in Barcelona in may.2 sessions.
Fun times!!!

28 August 2010


Original flash by Angelique Houtkamp

25 August 2010

23 August 2010

22 August 2010

Monterrey Tattoo Convention 2009

Fuck I love this pix.
Viva Mexico!!!!!!!!

4 hand tattoo

This is me and Juan (Superfly)
tattooing Diego from L.A.Diego works at ´´Por Vida´´ tattoo and he is an amazing portrait artist.
This is his 4 hand tattoo.I love working with Juan .There´s always something to learn.
We did this tattoo at Monkey King Tattoo Shop, here in Vancouver.Fun times.Thanks Diego and thanks Jeff to let us use your shop.
I tattooed the goldfish on the left, right one by Superfly.


21 August 2010



On Wikipedia, you can read that the city of Vancouver has ´´only´´ 166 days of rain every year and 289 days with ´´measurable sunshine´´.Anyways...it feels exactly the opposite, so The Umbrella is a really, really common tattoo.


I did this tattoo when i was living and tattooing in Mexico in Playa del Carmen.I´m pretty sure that i did this tattoo in 2007, on an italian guy.The writing in the banner says ´´rebel life, crazy love´´.How fucking true it is????
2010, Vancouver winter Olympic games.The same guy enters the shop and recognize me.This is his new souvenir .
Fuck, the world is small , and fuck I love when this shit happens!!!

19 August 2010


I always considered that at least the 50% of my job is at home.Lots of thinking, and planing before any tattoo, and this also means a lot of coffee and cigarettes.This is how my drawing table looks like when i´m in full action!!
Some paintings and some sketches i´ve been working on lately.
This one is going on a forearm .Soon!!

18 August 2010


This is us on our way back, on the ferry.Tired but satisfied.Hope to go soon to the island again!!
After that i took Juans car and went to vancouver island with my friends Julio and Em to have some nice time camping and partying.Relax and party.What a good mix!!!
Long weekend.This is how it started. Tattooing for a bunch of hours my costumer Chris and almost finished his tattoo on his ribs. I love tattooing this guy, he is pretty strange but he never complains and he seats really well and still.Have to do some more work on the background and than it will be done.

13 August 2010

Sempre endavant

I tattooed this ship during my visit in Barcelona a few months ago.it was fun.I did it at my brothers house, on the bed where i use to sleep.Like the old times.Love tattooing my old friends every time i go back to BCN.The writing is in catalan and it means ´´allways move ahead´´.i probably want to get the same one.


06 August 2010

2 for 1!!!

This is Don Juanito aka SuperFly and me tattooing Edgar el gordo. Grazias por los buenos momentos!!

05 August 2010


Summer in Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver from the boat

Me, Captain!!!

04 August 2010

My friend Chunks came to visit us from Toronto.This is the souvenir he got.Bad picture as usual.....fuck i love old cameras!!

03 August 2010

This is Festers hand.I did this tattoo approximately a month ago, at Funhouse Tattoos.Just for fun!!!