28 February 2011

27 February 2011

Voodoo Doll


1st session

24 February 2011

Jesus on broken Stained Glass

I just finished the drawing.I m starting this tattoo tomorrow.Can t wait...

Pirat Mexican Skull with Tresure

20 February 2011

Swallows and roses

2nd session

15 February 2011

09 February 2011

Mil Mascaras

For my friend Patrick.This is the famous mexican luchador Mil Mascara.
The blue and the red are still fresh.Better picture soon....

08 February 2011

For my friend Stewart.Finally done.The blue on the background is still fresh.Hope to upload a better picture soon.Thanks a lot Stew for sitting like a champion!!

05 February 2011

Still In Progress

3rd Session.One more to go.

04 February 2011


2nd session on my friend Kyle.I did all the black with a rotary machine.I never used one before.........pretty interesting experience