12 October 2012

Few tattoos I did in Zurich

Europe and Mexico Trip

The last few weeks has been really interesting and exiting.I ve finally seen my family in Barcelona and in Trieste.I ve been working at "Body Factory" in Trieste where I did a few fun pieces.I got to do a guest spot in the famous "Italian Rooster" where i ve been tattooing two weeks with Davide Andreoli, Nervio and Mr Listo from Mexico and Maurizio Crudo.Right now I m in Zurich where i ve been tattooing for the last week at Think In Ink with my old friend Flako.I m flying back to Barcelona on monday where I gonna spend two more weeks with my brother before I fly to Mexico on october 30st. I ll be tattooing at the Mexico City Tattoo Convention on November 3 and 4.And than I ll be traveling and tattooing around Mexico for about a month and a half.I ll be posting my movements in mexico soon.Thanks a lot for following me!!

06 October 2012

This two

04 October 2012

17 August 2012


I' ll be flying to Europe on august 20st.Due to little issues with my work permit, I m still not sure exactly when I'll be back in Vancouver.I'll be spending most of my time between Barcelona (spain) and Trieste (italy).If you re interested in getting any work done just e-mail me.Thanks!................................................................................Voy a estar en Europa a partir del 20 de agosto.Debido a problemas con mi permiso de trabajo, todavía no se exactamente cuando podré regresar a Vancouver.Voy a estar mayormente en Barcelona y en Trieste (Italia) a si que si se quieres tatuar algo no dudes en escribirme un mail.Grazias

16 August 2012

06 August 2012

28 June 2012

04 June 2012

I did this fun piece at the Vancouver show last month.