30 December 2011

10 December 2011

08 December 2011

24 November 2011

oh ya, by the way, I m back to Vancouver.So come at the shop and get tattooed!

04 October 2011

Finally in Barcelona, finally on vacation.Finally had some time to upload some new pictures of some tattoos i finished lately.I gonna spend 3 weeks in barcelona with my brother Peter and his girlfriend Martina witch is like a sister for me.So happy.And than i gonna spend 3 weeks in Trieste with the rest of my family.Hopefully soon gonna have some time to upload some pics of Barcelona,..amazing city.I m pretty sure i gonna get to do some tattoos while i m here in Europe.Still didn' t figured out where.Probably home stile like in the old times.Well, hope you enjoy the pictures, sorry for my english and thanks for following me.

Gypsy Girl

Fix-up and add-on Andys chest



05 September 2011

Heart and Rose

Owl and heart

Koi, Skulls and Peonys

Trip to Europe

Sorry guys.I haven't been posting too much lately.Not because i don t have anything to post,but just because i m really fucking tired and busy at night or in my days off, which is when i usually try to work on the blog.Summer at the shop here in Vancouver is pretty intense.Way more people booking appointments for small and big tattoos.Being a custom tattooer in a street shop sometimes can mean a lot of stress.You tattoo all day, you work on drawings at night, you work on drawings in your days off, you tattoo all day and so on...well,,,,I just wanted to say that i m finally taking a vacation.I gonna be in Barcelona the first 10 days of october and the fist two weeks of november and i gonna be in Trieste from the 10 to the 30 of october.if you want to get tattooed you can e mail me at dejanfurlantattoos@gmail.com.

19 August 2011

06 August 2011

Cover up

Little cover up i did a few days ago.

Sailor chest-piece

Finally finished.3 sessions, approximately 5 and a half hours.