02 October 2010

Ok..how you can see i haven´t been posting a lot of shit in September.Weird month!!..
Before moving to Vancouver couple years ago i lived for 2 years in the south of Mexico, where the weather never really changes, and is sunny and worm approximately 300 days every year...

At the beginning of September, the angle of the sunlight changes here in Vancouver.You can tell that the summer is gone, and I swear, it feels like that is gone forever.I think that people get really affected by the change of the season here downtown..and everywhere else i guess.People is back to school and to their ´´real´´life, trying to get used to idea that is gonna be rainy and cold forever.Thats probably the reason why i don´t have many pictures to post.Anyways.. october is starting really good.Lots of drawing to do, lots of tattoos to start and lots of hours spent at home drawing.having a couple new ideas, so i´m working on them and trying to make them work.
There´s a couple pictures of the projects i´ve been working on lately.Hope to post some pix of actual tattoos soon.